Will Your Auto Insurance Policy Pay for Rollover Damage

When a vehicle flips over, the damage can be significant. In some cases, the insurer will total the car. This means repairs are deemed to cost more than the vehicle is worth. When this happens, a vehicle owner may wonder what the next step is. What can you do if a rollover totals your car?

Auto insurance may cover some losses. It depends on the type of insurance you have. Your agent will provide more insight into what each of those options are for you.

When Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Apply?

Comprehensive car insurance is one type of policy that may offer some help. This coverage considers instances related to unavoidable and accidental incidents. It covers instances related to weather events, vandalism, theft, and similar issues.

For example, if a violent wind storm launches the vehicle into the air, your comprehensive policy may cover your loss. If the car flips over due to vandalism or is involved in an accident after someone steals it, this coverage can apply as well.

When Does Collision Auto Insurance Apply?

Collision insurance may also help in some situations. It can be an excellent way to pay for damage to your car that you cause. For example, if your vehicle flips as a result of your actions – such as due to your hitting a curb – this insurance can help pay for your losses. In fact, collision insurance can help for most types of instances in which your vehicle collides with another vehicle or object. If you flip your vehicle over, the damage is likely to qualify for coverage.

Where To Turn For Next Steps

The circumstances of any rollover are essential in determining coverage options. Your Texas Insurance Agency representative will answer questions and provide insight into what coverage options exist.

If you do not have coverage – but only have liability insurance – you could face losses. If another party causes the accident in which your car suffers damage, their liability insurance may apply.

Keep in mind that every policy has a limit. The amount of coverage you have, as well as the type of policy, will determine the level of protection present. Your agent will assess the situation at the time of the accident. Be sure to call and file your claim after you file a police report and get the emergency services you need.

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