Boat Insurance: What Are Your Options?

Summer has just begun and that means vacations and trips to the beach and lake. Likely some of these activities will involve your boat. It’s important to keep your boat insured against damages that can occur during the off-season. Thinking about reducing your coverage? Take a moment to learn about different boat insurance coverage options so you can make an informed decision about which coverages to trim and which coverages to keep intact.

Physical damage: Offers protection of your boat and permanently attached equipment against a variety of damages, including collisions, theft and vandalism.

Boat equipment: Offers protection of your boating accessories, such as navigation equipment, anchors, lifejackets and other necessary items.

Personal property: Offers protection of non-necessary items stored on your boat, such as fishing equipment, clothing, electronics, grilling gear and the like.

Liability: Offers protection following an incident for which you are legally liable to pay for, such as at-fault collisions, third party medical expenses, third party property damage, legal fees, fuel spill cleanup and any other expenses for which you’re responsible.

Medical payments: Offers protection from the high costs of medical expenses for you and your passengers, regardless of who is legally liable.

Uninsured/underinsured watercraft: Offers protection from damages incurred during a collision in which the at-fault boater is uninsured or under insured.

Towing and assistance: Offers protection if your boat becomes inoperable and must be towed, whether on land or in water.

Boat trailer: Offers protection if your boat trailer becomes damaged, whether in storage or during transport.

Your independent insurance agent can help assess your needs and find you the best policy for your budget. You can rest easy knowing that your boat is safe from a variety of damages, no matter the season.

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