Will Home Insurance Replace Furniture After an Act of Violence?

When an incident occurs at your home, your primary goal is to get help. Home insurance can help you to recoup your losses. It helps cover your possessions in a variety of situations. This may include instances of damage from other people. What should you know about such instances?

Criminal Acts Exclusions

It is important to recognize what type of home insurance you have. When an act of violence occurs at your home, report it to the police. Document the incident. Then call your insurance agent to learn more about your coverage options.

Most home insurance policies exclude criminal acts. This means any type of criminal act you commit will not have coverage under a standard policy. For example, if an illegal act is occurring, and damage results, your home insurance policy may not cover the losses. Don’t manufacture drugs in your home, and then try to claim a fire on your home policy, for example.

Who causes the damage is important. For example, if a person living at your home causes the damage, your home insurance policy does not apply. If a person living at your home destroys the home furniture out of rage, for example, there is no coverage for this. It is intentional. It is a criminal act.

Vandalism And Theft

Imagine a person breaks into the home. During this time, the person damages your home furniture. It is a loss. In this instance, the homeowner did not do anything to cause the damage. The act of violence occurred as a result of someone entering the home. Most home insurance policies will cover damage related to vandalism in this manner. Theft does not have to occur to warrant this, though. The simple act of vandalism might merit a claimable expense.

What Should You Do If This Occurs?

When an individual faces financial loss as a result of this type of incident, the first step is to call the police. Document the incident with the police thoroughly and then contact the insurance company.

Your Texas Insurance Agency representative will need to see the damage to the property if possible. Take photos of the incident. Describe what happened. Have a written police report available. The more information you provide, the better.

The agent will then decide whether the policy covers the losses. Keep in mind that every situation is different. The outcome of the police report and investigation will play a role, too. Once you receive a claim payout, you can replace furniture and make repairs as necessary.

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