Why You Should Consider Umbrella Insurance

If you’ve ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right, then you understand that life has an unpredictable element to it. Accidents are unintended and unexpected occurrences that can leave you open to a lawsuit that may financially wipe you out. Having insurance that covers specific things such as auto insurance and home insurance is a good start. However, sometimes accidents can leave you open to claims that exceed the coverage limitations of your auto and homeowners insurance.

Umbrella insurance takes effect after the limits of your auto or home insurance policies have been exceeded. It adds an additional layer of protection on top of your auto and home insurance policies. It covers the liability claims and medical bills of other people injured in auto accidents and in home accidents. It also covers damage to another person’s property caused by an auto accident or by the actions of your pet or your children. Other forms of personal liability are covered as well, such as slander and libel. The following are examples of umbrella insurance scenarios.

Injuries on Your Property

A swing set injury. There are innumerable ways that children can injure themselves on a swing set. These can result from both proper and improper usage and can also be caused by maintenance issues.

A trampoline injury. A neighbor’s child can seriously injure himself while using your trampoline without adult supervision.

A swimming pool injury. A young child that can’t swim can fall into the deep side of the pool when adults aren’t watching.

Damage caused by burning leaves. A grass fire is caused from burning leaves that blows around and damages your neighbor’s property.

Damage caused by a falling tree. A large diseased tree next to your property line falls onto your neighbor’s house.

Injuries Caused By Your Car

A carpooling accident causes multiple injuries. It’s your turn to do the driving and you get into an accident. Some of the passengers suffer serious injuries as a result.

Your son gets involved in an accident with another person in your car. Your son uses your car to go for a ride with his girlfriend and gets into an accident. The girl suffers a debilitating injury.

Your car spooks a horse. An equestrian is riding her horse near the shoulder of a road and you pass by it in your car. The horse becomes spooked and causes the rider to fall off. The rider suffers a serious spinal cord injury.

You are involved in a car pileup. Your tire blows out and you lose control of your car which causes a massive chain reaction car accident.

As you can see, there are countless ways that accidents can happen which result in serious injury or damage. Umbrella insurance protects your hard earned assets from the consequences of these accidents.

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