Why Would Anyone Need Travel Insurance?

Have you heard of travel insurance and wondered why anyone would want or need it? That’s a good question, so here are three reasons a person might want to consider purchasing travel insurance.

Cancelled trips: Life happens and trips get cancelled last minute. If this is a trip that you have saved for and have put large deposits down on hotels, transportation etc. , then you want to consider travel insurance. Many times, those deposits are non-refundable without such coverage. If you have to cancel your trip, the pre-paid, non-refundable expenses can be reimbursed by your travel insurance. Be sure to discuss covered cancellation causes and exclusions with your agent.

Medical emergency abroad: This is one many people don’t think about. What if you are out of the country and need medical help? Will your insurance cover your medical expenses? That’s a good question to ask before you travel. If not, check out medical emergency insurance. This coverage often includes emergency evacuations if you have to be flown back home on a special flight.

Lost bags, delayed bags or delayed flights: This coverage can protect you against those annoying times, offering reimbursement for lost luggage, personal belongings and airline expenses.

As you are planning your next trip, here in the United States or abroad, talk to your independent insurance agent about travel insurance to ensure you get your money’s worth, trip or no trip.

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