What to Know About Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Do you own a small business? Hopefully you’re responsible enough to own a business insurance policy to cover property damages and liability risks. But what if an incident occurs that results in costs much higher than your policy limits?

For example, a customer could trip over a broken shelving display and suffer extensive injuries that require surgery. Or perhaps one of your chefs crashed the catering truck, injuring the other driver. There are many situations in which your business can become liable for high costs (medical or otherwise), not to mention the costs associated if one of these people decides to sue your business.

Though the chance of something similar occurring at your workplace is slim, it could wipe out your finances if an incident does happen. However, umbrella insurance can spare you the loss by kicking in once your underlying policy limits are exceeded. Think of is as a literal umbrella, adding coverage on top of everything below.

Some umbrella insurance policies even cover incidents that your underlying business insurance may exclude, like libel, slander or false arrest. Call your independent insurance agent to learn about your coverage options and premium prices for each increment of $1 million of coverage. It may be cheaper than you think to own this invaluable coverage.

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