Tips for Traveling With Your Pet

It may sound like fun to bring a pet along on your vacation, but physically traveling with your furry friend can cause both of you some anxiety. Before embarking, it’s important that you take steps to enhance comfort and safety.

First and foremost, fix a collar around your pet’s neck with tags that identify both your pet and yourself. It should be easy for someone to read this information and contact you if they find your pet. When packing for your pet, bring enough food for the whole trip, a spill-proof water bowl and a few of your buddy’s favorite toys. Let’s take a look at a few more tips according to method of travel.

Traveling by Car

This is the easiest and safest way to travel with a pet. Even so, some pets have car anxiety and the following tips may help soothe them.

Spend some time in the car each day for at least a week leading up to the trip to allow your pet the time to adjust. Consider feeding a meal in the car so your pet comes to associate the car with good things.

Keep your pet occupied. Dogs enjoy rawhide bones and other toys that capture their attention. Cats do better with calming toys, like catnip-filled mice.

Never leave a pet unattended in the car.

Freeze a bowl of water so your pet can lick it for hydration in between rest stops.

Traveling by Plane

The poor ventilation, extreme temperatures and rough handling of pets on airplanes make this form a last-resort choice. But sometimes plane travel cannot be avoided.

Book a direct flight and double check that your pet will be on the same flight.Travel carriers should be labeled with your contact information, along with your destination and a contact there.

Much like adjusting to the car, spend some time before a trip letting your pet adjust to the travel carrier.

Do not allow your pet to eat for four to six hours before plane travel to prevent nausea. Just like in the car, you can freeze a bowl of water for hydration.

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