Tips for Reducing Road Rage

It’s easy to get angry when multiple people cut you off during your morning commute. But road rage leads to dangerous driving behaviors that can jeopardize you and everyone else on the road. Rather than driving angry every day, try some of these tips to keep a cool head while on the road.

Sleep Well

Getting a good night of rest helps reduce irritability and grogginess. Don’t you feel better when you’ve had a full eight hours of sleep? It may be tempting to watch that next episode on Netflix, but skip it in lieu of going to sleep at a reasonable hour. And when you wake up feeling more refreshed, little annoyances on the road are less likely to bother you.

Leave Early

Have you ever noticed how you begin to drive recklessly when you’re running late? Rather than worrying if you’ll hit traffic, plan to leave ten minutes earlier than normal. This tactic helps calm the nerves of drivers who get anxious if construction or a train interferes with their schedules.

Listen to Music

The radio in your car isn’t solely there for entertainment purposes. Music has the unique ability to distract your brain from small annoyances without interfering with your focus on the road ahead. Many people adopt more pleasant moods when listening to their favorite tunes. In fact, many studies on classical music have proven its ability to calm people, making it a perfect accompaniment to driving.

Drive Carefully

Using your turn signals when changing lanes or directions alerts other drivers to your actions before they occur, thereby preventing collisions that may occur without the courtesy. The more feedback drivers get, the less irritated they are likely to be—which makes the road safer for everyone. Additionally, avoid behaviors like tailgating or revving your engine.

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