Tips for Maintaining Your RV

Since your RV acts as both a mode of transportation and a home, it’s extra important to keep up with regular maintenance to prevent more costly repairs down the road. Keeping your RV in great shape helps ensure that you and your family can enjoy road trips for years to come. The best method of conducting maintenance is to perform tasks according to the recommendations in your owner’s manual, but we’ve also included some of the basics here for your perusal.

Roof and Seals

The roof of your RV—especially a rubber roof—is highly susceptible to sun damage, which can degrade the rubber and other materials over time. Routinely inspect the roof seals and seams for any damages, and treat your rubber roof each year. Parking under a carport or some other form of cover helps reduce this wear and tear. In addition to the roof, inspect the seals around windows and doors. Keeping these seals in good condition helps prevent water damage.


Regular tune ups are a good idea, just like with your car. Regularly change the oil (according to the mileage listed in the owner’s manual), and check the coolant and other fluid levels as well.


An idle generator can begin to varnish over time. You can prevent this by running the generator at a 50 percent load for two hours every month.


Before winter sets in, remove the battery and store it in a dry, warm place like a garage. There may be irreparable damage if a battery freezes and thaws back out.

Slide-Out Rails

Once or twice a year, lubricate the slide-out rails if your RV has them. This reduces the chance of rust and corrosion, along with preventing a squeaking sound while the slide-out is in motion.

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