Tips for Controlling Your Road Rage

Sharing the roads with all different types of drivers can be a frustrating experience, especially during rush hour and other times of heavy traffic. But submitting to acts of road rage makes driving dangerous for both you and others driving alongside you. Use the following tips to relax behind the wheel so you can reach your destination safely.

Sleep well: Chances are you’ve experienced lethargy and irritability after a restless night. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night helps you wake up feeling rested and more prepared to tackle the day ahead, which includes your morning commute.

Leave early: Many people begin driving recklessly when they feel the stress of running late. Prevent this behavior by leaving 10 minutes early to account for any delays along the way. This also leaves time to stop for gas or coffee.

Advanced notice: Sometimes you simply can’t avoid running late. But you can reduce associated anxiety by calling work or wherever you’re supposed to be to let them know that you’re running a bit behind schedule, but that you’re on your way.

Audio distraction: A distraction never means blocking out what’s happening on the road. But rather than focus on the exact speed of the slow car in front of you or that offensive bumper sticker, try devoting more focus toward your favorite music, an audiobook or a talk radio program. It’s a better way to use your brainpower, as opposed to letting the small things get to you.

Stay steady: No matter who revs their engine at you or makes a rude gesture, remain steady and calm. Avoid rapid acceleration, slamming on the brakes and sudden lane changes. These actions only fuel your road rage; but staying calm and collected in your actions helps soothe your mind as well.

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