Thinking About Driving for a Ride-share Company? Here’s the Auto Insurance You Need

One of the many ways that you can earn a few extra dollars here and there (or even create a full-time business) may be behind the wheel of your car. With companies like Uber and Lyft becoming more popular than ever from a consumer standpoint, many people are willing to help out. But, what happens if there’s an accident? Before you drive for a ride share company, you need to know a bit about auto insurance for drivers.

What Insurance Do You Need?

Though various ride share companies exist now, Uber and Lyft, two of the largest in the United States, require every driver to have car insurance in place. It also offers a supplemental type of coverage for you, but that coverage only applies when the app is on and you’re operating. But, your auto insurer can help you as well. First, consider the reasons why you need added coverage:

You are facing an increased risk of liability now that you are driving others around.

You may be driving more, which also increases your risk.

For those that turn this into a business model, you may need to upgrade your comprehensive and collision coverage to reflect the higher value of your vehicle.

But, What Insurance Do You Need?

Most average auto insurance plans may cover you and your passengers in accidents if you have the right type of plan. However, if you are now using your car for a commercial purpose, you’ll need to upgrade your policy to this by informing your current agent or simply obtaining a new policy. Your personal auto insurance policy isn’t enough to protect you. However, you can add a higher limit to your general liability insurance or purchase umbrella liability insurance. And, you’ll want to add on complete car insurance including comprehensive cover, collision insurance, and medical payments to further extend your protection.

There’s good news, though. Most of these upgrades are inexpensive and offer a number of key benefits to you. You’ll appreciate the added protection as you go from one street to the next helping those who need a ride to get it, and adding a bit of extra money to your budget as a result.

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