The Incredible Value of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Home insurance companies receive thousands of claims each year over losses from fires. Many people know the value of having a fire detector in their home as a direct result. But, what about the silent threat that is present in nearly all homes in the US?

Carbon monoxide is an odorless substance that tends to build up to high levels during the winter months when doors and windows are closed and the furnace is running. The risks are very high and can involve an explosion in your home or, even worse, fatalities. But you can protect against this threat.

In any building where an HVAC is present, there is the risk of carbon monoxide buildup. This is a very real danger, but it is very difficult to spot or even prevent. What’s made it worse in recent years is that most homes today are even more air tight than they ever were. This directly creates an increased risk, but carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home can spot this buildup of gases and can alert you to leave.

Install these detectors throughout your home. Be sure one is placed in your bedroom hallway to ensure that everyone can hear the alarm sound when it occurs at night, which is quite common. Then, consider these tips.

Install detectors that alert fire crews when they go off. You may not be able to wake up but the fire department can get there.

Be sure to change the batteries every six months or more often.

If the device has steps for testing it throughout the year, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for doing so. It could save your life.

If and when an alarm sounds, leave the home and call the fire department. Allowing air to flow through the home is one of the steps you will need to take to reduce these levels. Also, keep in mind the importance of connecting these detectors to any smart home features in your home for long distance protection.

Every home should have carbon monoxide detectors. Be sure to let your home insurance company know about their presence because they may lead to insurance savings.

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