Should You Add Sewer Protection to Your Home Insurance?

The sewer lines to a home can back up. When this happens, it can create significant damage in your home. A typical home insurance policy may not offer enough coverage for the ensuing flooding. However, you may be able to enhance your existing insurance coverage to provide you with more protection. This may come in the form of sewer protection. And it may be a simple way to gain peace of mind.

Does Your Home Insurance Cover Sewer Lines?

Sewer line coverage depends on many factors. A standard home insurance policy covers lines within your home. If they burst, your policy might cover the damage. Still, this coverage only provides protection when the incident happens suddenly and unexpectedly. This is the case because, under the terms of most home insurance policies, the sewer line is a type of Other Structure on your property.

You can read through your policy to determine if exclusions apply. As an Other Structure, sewers usually gets the same protection as other components of your home. This includes damage to the structure from fires, riots, or explosions. Keep in mind, it is not common for sewer lines to suffer this type of damage.

When Does Insurance Not Offer Coverage?

A flood is a typical concern for homeowners, particularly when sewer lines back up. Since the water cannot flow away from the home, it backs up into the home. As a result, your carpeting, flooring, drywall, and furniture can suffer significant damage. A standard home insurance policy does not cover most causes of this damage.

In particular, a home insurance policy will not cover flooding instances occurring as a result of poor maintenance. For example, if a blockage develops, it is up to the homeowner to ensure that the lines are free and clear. This is the case because a sewer blockage rarely occurs suddenly. There is time to identify the issue and react to it.

Tree roots are another common problem. They can break into the lines, damaging them. This happens over time as well. Such actions might not be covered.

Proper maintenance of sewer lines is critical. Your home should also have an annual inspection. This helps you minimize the risk of a flood or backup damaging your home and your belongings.

What Can You Do?

Sewer protection can help reduce the financial burden you might sustain in a home flood. This is a form of home insurance designed to provide you with protection for the sewer lines. It does not take away from your need to maintain your system. However, it will enhance the radius of your sewer protection, including areas of your property closer to the street. This improves the amount of protection you have.

If you have questions about sewer protection, contact Texas Insurance Agency. We’re happy to help with any questions you might have.

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