Rules of Motorcycle Safety

Knowing the rules of the road when it comes to motorcycle safety is key in the operation of your vehicle. The first cardinal rule of operating a motor vehicle is being properly insured. Having the right motorcycle insurance policy in place can save you time, money and significant losses in the event of an unforeseen accident or disaster.

Buy the right bike: Never buy a bike that will be too much for you to handle. A motorcycle is a powerful machine, and a bike that is beyond your control is sure to cause an unfortunate incident.

Master your craft: Take motorcycle riding classes to become the best rider you possibly can. Significant motorcycle insurance discounts may apply if you can show that you have acted in the best interest of driving the vehicle by taking a class.

Dress appropriately: This means from head to toe. Always wear a helmet, and wear the right clothing that will not get tangled in your motor. Make sure to have on items that will cover your limbs in the event of an accident. Your feet should always be fully covered when operating a motorcycle, and protecting your eyes with goggles or other eyewear can be beneficial.

Drive for the “other” driver: Use a defensive mindset when on the road. Reckless weaving in and out, or riding at excessive speeds can cause more harm than it’s worth. Motorcycles tend to make car drivers jittery, so exercising caution when on the road with other drivers is proactive safety.

Avoid hazards: There are a number of components that fall under this term. Bad weather should be avoided at all costs. When the road is slippery, a motorcycle accident is waiting to happen. If you encounter an area where there is extensive roadwork or bumps in the road, try to find an alternate route that will not subject you to falling off the bike or destroying your tires.

Check your bike: Doing a thorough assessment of your motorcycle prior to riding off should come as second nature. Check to make sure all components are working, and that your tires have the right pressure.

These tips, coupled with a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy, can help keep you safe on the road.

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