Proper Storage and Its Benefits for Your Motorcycle

Some people only ride their motorcycles during good weather. Others only ride seasonally. Riding during optimal conditions reduces the risk that a biker will encounter operational hazards. This increases the biker’s safety given the sensitive operational needs of the bike.

If you’re only using your bike at certain periods, you likely need to store it during the meantime. Storage poses risks to the bike.

Why Proper Storage Matters

Though motorcycles are durable, prolonged exposure to the wrong conditions can cause damage. Additionally, most vehicles can deteriorate after long periods of disuse.

Storing your bike can reduce the risk of deterioration and damage while you are not using it. This can help you avoid costly repairs and can also help you maintain a good value on the bike.

Proper Storage and Motorcycle Insurance

Storing your motorcycle can help improve your bike insurance risks. As storage often helps prevent damage, it might help you avoid a damage claim on your policy.

Additionally, it can even help you avoid damages your policy may not cover. Indeed, many policies don’t cover normal wear and tear and will almost never cover damage due to neglect. If you leave your bike exposed to damage risks, your insurer could deny your claim.

Proper storage can also keep your bike safe from various hazards like theft or weather. As each of these perils could lead to an insurance claim, the right storage can help bikers avoid the claims.

Steps to Properly Store Your Bike

With the right care, you can store your bike both short-term and long-term to keep it in optimal condition.

  • Before you store your bike for a prolonged period, service the bike. Clean out the oil tank and gas tanks. Check your wheel and spoke systems for signs of damage. Fill the tires with air and check for leaks. Also clear away any dirt, rust or debris that may have built up during use.
  • Invest in a proper cover for the bike. Covers can help protect instruments and accents from damage, moisture and pests.
  • Buy a security device to protect your bike from theft risks. This might include a kill switch, a wheel lock and chain or another anti-theft device.
  • Store your bike in a safe area. Most manufacturers recommend storing the bike in a garage or covered area. This helps protect it from both environmental and theft hazards.

When the time comes to take the bike out of storage, always clean it and check for signs of deterioration. Make sure your bike runs smoothly before taking it out for extended use.

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