Minimizing Fall Risk in Your Home Can Reduce Renters Insurance Claims

Renters insurance provides protection for negligence claims. It is your responsibility to make sure anyone who visits your home is safe there. If someone falls or suffers an injury, they may file a claim against your liability insurance. Your policy can usually provide protection.

However, it is just as important to take steps to minimize fall risks. Here are steps to take to ensure your home isn’t a high risk.

Minimize Clutter

Clutter is a common cause of falls. Items left on the floor can become a problem in any home. Remove as much clutter from the floors as possible. Also look for clutter on tables, couches, bookshelves, or other areas. Keeping the space clean and organized can help reduce these risks.

Look at the Carpeting

A common cause of a fall is tripping over carpeting. Any permanent carpet requires proper installation. Be sure it lays flat. There should be no bumps in the carpeting. If you use runners or smaller carpets on top of these, take steps to prevent risks here. Tack down the edges.

Use plastic carpet runners in areas where the carpet seems to bunch up. Carpet runners like this also work well on wood and ceramic tile. Sometimes, those surfaces are more likely to cause a slip and fall.

Encourage People to Wear Shoes

Wearing shoes provides more traction. It helps minimize the risk of falling. Wearing socks on wood floors, on the other hand, increases this risk. Slippers and stockings also are a higher risk. High heels are a significant risk, though. Replace these with those with a lower heel.

Keep the Lights on at Home

Any pathway through the home requires lights. Be sure the stairways and other paths in your home have good lighting. Areas without windows tend to be prone to this type of hazard. Add a few nightlights to the space as well. This is a simple way to prevent falls.

Don’t Forget Outside

If you are responsible for maintaining any area outside of your home, prevent falls here, too. Be sure the pavement is flat. Take steps to ensure any walkway is clear of debris. Reduce the number of steps possible.

If a fall happens, call your renters insurance agent. He or she will help you gather information to report the claim. Be proactive. Reducing falls can help keep your visitors safe at your home. If you have concerns about the safety of the home, talk to your landlord.

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