Managing Risks While Riding Your Motorcycle

Risk management is about identifying risks and finding ways to avoid as many of them as you can. The more often you expose yourself to risky traffic situations, the more likely you’ll get into an accident. Although you’ll get better at negotiating these risks, the law of averages never goes away.

This is why modifying your commute route to make it safer is so important. You commute to and from work every working day of your life and if you are going to get into an accident, it will most likely happen while commuting.

Use an Online Map to Spot Road Hazards

Some dangers can be identified on a map without having to be there. These include the number of intersections requiring left turns. Even going straight through intersections are hazardous because of traffic making sudden left turns in front of you. Try to choose routes with minimal intersections.

Maps reveal whether a route goes through urban, suburban or rural areas. Congested urban and suburban areas have more traffic, which means a greater potential for an accident. You can also see the number of side roads coming into your route. More side roads means more cars pulling in front of you. This is a source of danger, especially during rush hour when people drive aggressively.

Maps also show whether railroad tracks cut across a road at a dangerous angle. If the angle isn’t perpendicular to the road, the tracks can snag your wheels. Maps also indicate multilane highways. Multiple lanes introduce the dangers of cars on both sides of you, in addition to those in front and back. They also mean dealing with lane switchers who don’t always check their blind spots.

While you can’t eliminate all dangers from your route, a map allows you to piece together a route that minimizes these hazards. Perhaps there are some hazard types you feel more comfortable with than others.

Test Your Route and Don’t Be Afraid to Modify It

Of course there are many road hazards that you can’t spot on a map. Pot holes, uneven surfaces, debris, gravel and sand require your being there. If a sharp turn has a greasy surface or is painted, you’re better off avoiding it because it will get very slippery when wet. Try out different route variations until you find one that you like. It may mean a longer commute, but it’ll be safer and more enjoyable.

Reducing risk is simply riding smarter. Avoiding accidents is in your best interests in terms of your health and your bike. Not to mention, riding safe keeps your motorcycle insurance rates lower.

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