How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet

A certified motorcycle helmet is a biker’s best protection while on the open road. It’s not the time to skimp on a novelty or used helmet. If a motorcyclist can only afford one piece of safety equipment, it should be a helmet. But how do you choose the right motorcycle helmet?

·Type of helmet: Motorcycle helmets are comprised of four main parts: the hard outer shell, the inner Styrofoam lining, the soft fabric lining and the chin strap. Whichever helmet you choose, it should have these four components, along with safety certifications from a testing agency such as DOT or Snell. Beyond what’s required for basic safety, it’s up to you to decide whether you prefer a half, three-quarter, full face or flip up helmet. Half and three-quarter helmets obviously offer the least protection during a crash and from the elements, while a full face helmet offers the most protection and comfort.

·Fit of helmet: Motorcycle helmets should fit snugly, making contact all over your head and face. The right fit won’t even allow your pinky to slip in between the helmet and your forehead. A dealer can take measurements and help you find a helmet that fits well.

·Helmet features: Your ability to see while biking is incredibly important. Helmets with face shields keep your eyes clear for better visibility. Try on helmets to test your peripheral vision while wearing them. You may also wish to inquire about face shields that come with an anti-fog coating and/or an internal sun visor. A good helmet will also be well ventilated so you have a good amount of airflow for comfort and to dilute any exhaust gases that may build up inside the helmet. Another great helmet feature is a removable liner; the ability to wash the helmet lining helps prolong its life as you regularly rid it of sweat and hair products.

Remember: Always replace a helmet after a crash. There’s a good chance that the inner Styrofoam lining was damaged, even if there is no visible damage. Motorcycle helmets are single-use items.

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