First SR-22? Here Are Three Things to Understand

If you recently committed a driving infraction, you might face penalties. One of these might be the requirement to get an SR-22 certificate. For those facing their first SR-22 penalty, the process might seem confusing. Here are three things to know.

1. Understand Why You Got the SR-22

If you accrue driving violations, your record might show that you pose safety risks on the road. The authorities will likely view you as someone who must carry car insurance at all times. Carrying coverage will likely keep you and others safer when you hit the road.
That’s where the SR-22 penalty kicks in. The SR-22 is a form that many high-risk drivers must file with their state of residence. It verifies that the high-risk driver has active car insurance.

Not every driver will have to get an SR-22. They’re usually required after more serious driving infractions such as:

  • Multiple tickets
  • Driving without insurance
  • Severe reckless driving
  • Multiple wrecks
  • DUI/DWI arrests

If you get an SR-22, find out what exact charge led to the penalty. That can help you avoid making the same mistake twice.

2. Learn How it Might Affect Your Insurance Coverage

After you get the SR-22 requirement, your auto insurance provider will have to help you file the form. Just as is the case with your state, your insurer might view this requirement as a sign that you have high driving risks. SR-22 holders will likely face some scrutiny from their insurer when they get this penalty.

Dangerous drivers are more expensive to insure. So, it is common for insurers to raise policy premiums for SR-22 holders. These drivers might no longer qualify for certain discounts either. Some insurers even refuse to cover SR-22 holders.

Call your Texas Insurance Agency agent as soon as you get an SR-22 penalty. Your agent can help you determine if you must make any changes to your policy. Your agent can also help you file the certificate with the state, usually for a small fee.

3. Remember, Don’t Get Another SR-22

SR-22s usually stay on a driver’s record for at least a couple of years. The good news is, if you don’t commit other offenses during this time, the SR-22 will go away. Therefore, commit to becoming a safe driver while you have the SR-22. Then, after you get rid of the penalty, don’t let your guard down. Use your SR-22 experience as a lesson to remind you not to re-offend.

Remember to keep effective auto insurance active for the duration of the SR-22 penalty. The better your coverage, the more help you can get if you get in an accident.

For more information about SR-22 insurance, contact Texas Insurance Agency today.

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