Ensure Your Air Conditioning is Safe Before Summer

The air conditioner serving your home must provide you with regular cool air. It needs to work through the high temperatures and humidity this coming summer. If you have not done so yet, now may be a good time to pay close attention to it.

Have a professional out to your home for a thorough inspection. Not only can this reduce home insurance claims, but it can also boost efficiency. You do not want to overpay for cooling your home this summer.

Licensed Repair Technician Service

A good place to start with A/C repair is to have a licensed professional perform a thorough inspection. This will include ensuring the wiring is secure. It also ensures the motor is in good working order. This is important because during the winter months, animals might gnaw into the wiring. This creates a fire risk.

You also want to have your professional top up the Freon or coolant if necessary. They should point out any areas of concern, as well.

How You Can Inspect Your Air Conditioner

Homeowners should routinely inspect their air conditioner for function and overall safety. There are a few key things to consider here.

  • Remove all debris from in and around the air conditioning unit. Contamination commonly occurs when leaves clutter around the unit. Removing trash will often help improve efficiency.
  • Remove and clean the filters for your system. Replace them if you have disposable versions. Do this before you turn the system on. This ensures it will not kick dirt into your home on that first use.
  • Invest in a new, energy-efficient thermostat. Installing this is easy to do. Once in place, you can control your air conditioning use more efficiently. This cuts your costs and improves your comfort.
  • Consider replacing your system if it is over ten years old. This is especially the case when it is no longer working well. You want to be sure the system is energy efficient.
  • Always handle repairs right away. If a part does not work well, repair it. Only used a licensed electrician or appliance technician for this type of work.

Take these steps now before the season starts. You do not want to risk a fire that leads to a home insurance claim. If a repair is maintenance-related, your insurance may not cover your losses. Investing a few minutes now is all it takes. Then, you can enjoy cool air all summer long.

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