Does Your Car Insurance Policy Cover Collisions With Trees?

Many drivers collide with an object — such as a tree — over the course of their driving lives. Most of the time, this occurs when there are distractions in place.

No matter how it happens, a collision with a tree can create significant damage to your car. In some cases, the car may need significant repairs in the wake of an incident like that. For this reason, it is always important for drivers to have proper car insurance in place.

However, not all situations will warrant protection. Here are a couple of important questions to consider when determining if you’ll be covered.

Did You Cause The Collision?

Your car insurance protects you when unpreventable or accidental problems occur. For instance, if a tree falls on your car due to a storm, you may have coverage. If you have comprehensive auto insurance, that policy will likely provide protection here.

On the other hand, not all collisions with a tree will have this protection. For example, if you back up the car and strike a tree, comprehensive coverage is not likely to cover your loss. Then again, if you have collision insurance, it may help you recoup your losses.

What Should You Do When This Happens?

Let’s say you back up into a tree. The tree falls and smashes the car. Your first step is always to seek medical care as necessary. If you are on public or private property, call the police to document what happened. Contact the property owner, if the property doesn’t belong to you.

Then, contact your Texas Insurance Agency agent. He or she will work with you to find the right solution. This includes verifying the type of car insurance you have.
Make sure you have the answers to the following questions when placing the call: Do you have collision coverage? If so, how much damage coverage does it provide? This information allows the insurer to share insight into your policy specifically.

If you have coverage, you can file a claim. The insurance policy may cover repairs to the vehicle. This includes parts and labor. If the technician cannot repair the car, the insurance company may total it. This means the insurance will pay the maximum possible (under your policy) to replace the car. The details of your policy will share how much is covered. Most car insurance policies do not cover the tree cleanup.

Collisions with any stationary object may be a part of your auto insurance coverage. If this is not a coverage you have, it may be time to expand your protections. Accidents like this can happen anywhere and at any time. So, don’t go without coverage.

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