Commercial Umbrella Insurance and Damage Claims

Commercial umbrella insurance is like a safety net helping to protect companies from claims made against them. By operating a business, you promise to provide a product or a service to your clients. But mistakes can happen. Expectations change. And in some cases, you simply don’t make good on the promise you’ve made.

In other cases, your customer or client doesn’t believe you’ve done what you’ve promised. Whether you are faced with an expensive lawsuit or claim request, having the right business insurance can help to give you the peace of mind you need.

Umbrella Insurance is More Than Basic

One of the biggest factors impacting businesses today is the high cost of claims. A single claim isn’t just about a medical bill or replacing a defective product. Today, the costs are much higher, often leading to significant losses for a business.

If you have only general liability insurance, basic workers’ compensation insurance or a basic commercial auto insurance policy, you may not have enough financial protection from a sizable lawsuit like this. The good news is there is help available to you.
An umbrella insurance policy provides additional liability insurance to extend further to cover this type of damage. This type of coverage may help provide you with financial support for settlements, judgments from lawsuits and other claims for instances such as:

  • Damage from a liability claim, such as someone being hurt on your property or suffering injury as the result of your product.
  • Damage resulting from an auto accident in which you or your employee causes the damage to their vehicle, person or both.
  • Damage from an employee being excessively hurt or even killed on the job, beyond what your basic workers compensation coverage provides.

Damage claims may include everything from loss of products to loss of life, medical bills, lost time and pain and suffering. Without enough liability insurance, like what commercial umbrella insurance can offer, your business is going to suffer in the long term if you are forced to pay these types of responsibilities.

Yet, most umbrella insurance is affordable and can provide ample protection beyond what your basic business insurance offers. It’s often a very good investment for most business owners.

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