Choosing Your Motorcycle

Looking to buy a motorcycle but not sure which type is right for you? With various types of bikes and hundreds of models to choose from, the process of narrowing down your selections can be tricky. And while visiting dealerships to sit on and test drive motorcycles is the best way to ultimately choose one, this guide can help you decide which types of bikes you’re interested in and which types you don’t need to waste your time exploring.

Types of Motorcycles

  • Standard: This type of motorcycle is built for general purposes and comfort. With neutral ergonomics, riders have good control on models that do not have excessive horsepower.
  • Cruiser: Built for long, relaxed rides, cruisers have low seats and a low center of gravity. However, the high handlebars are awkward for some riders.
  • Tourer: This type of motorcycle is built for long rides and often boasts very good weather protection and the convenience of integrated luggage. However, they’re quite big, heavy and expensive.
  • Sportbike: Built for speed and handling, sportbikes are lightweight motorcycles for those who enjoy off-roading and extreme sports. These bikes are extremely powerful and may not be the best option for beginners.
  • Dual Sport: These bikes are built for riding both on- and off-road. That versatility makes them a good option for bikers who ride on several types of terrain.


  • Experience: Just as a beginner rider may not feel comfortable on an extremely powerful machine, an experienced rider may not enjoy a bike that doesn’t offer the power or handling that their skills demand.
  • Body Position: Where your body sits on a motorcycle can affect your comfort level and confidence while riding. Most bikers prefer to be able to put both feet on the ground while at a stop. You’ll also have to consider whether you prefer to sit upright or lean forward. While cruisers and tourers offer a relaxed, leaned back position, sportbikes position the body forward with the feet tucked behind the body.

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