Car Buying 101: How to Avoid Buying a Lemon

You can expect to have some mechanical problems over the life of your car. But, you shouldn’t have them shortly after purchasing your car.

A lemon is a car that has problems immediately after purchase. It also has problems frequently. If you buy a lemon, then making the payments and repairs are your responsibility. These repairs can get expensive.

You can decrease your chances of purchasing a car that’s prone to repairs by using these tips and tricks.

Ask Questions About the Vehicle

Your salesperson isn’t simply a haggler, they are also your informant. They know a lot about the car they are selling you, but it’s up to you to get the information from them. You must ask questions.

Ask about the mileage, how many people owned the car, and if the car has experienced a wreck. Once you know this information, you can make an informed decision about buying.

Inspect The Car’s Interior and Exterior

Even if you aren’t a professional you can assess the exterior and exterior of a car. To do this effectively, mentally compare it to a new car.

If you see flaws in the paint, then there may have been a wreck. If you smell odors, then it’s possible that the car doesn’t operate as it should. However, don’t rely exclusively on your assessment. Your next step in the process is taking the car to a mechanic.

Let a Mechanic Examine the Vehicle

A mechanic can help you determine if the car you want is worth the investment. By taking your car to a trusted mechanic, you can discover what is wrong with the car under the hood.

Your mechanic can inspect your car to make sure that the engine is good, the transmission is working and there are no other major problems. Don’t be shy about getting it inspected. The cost of doing so is significantly less than the cost of a replacement down the road.

Get the Vehicle History Report

A Vehicle History is a report that documents the history of used cars. These reports, like CarFax reports, show service and repair records. They also show you the ownership history dating back to the initial purchase.

From this information, you can easily determine if the car may have trouble in the future. For a few dollars, you can avoid buying a lemon.

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