Basics About Travel Insurance

Travel insurance packages vary so it is important to understand what your package covers. The price of the insurance is related to what is included. You need to determine what level of coverage is appropriate for your situation before you select an insurance policy.

Reasons for Cancellation

A basic package will cover cancellation that is beyond the control of the traveler. Illness or the airline canceling a flight because of weather issues are two examples. However, some people are concerned that they may get called back home for work or to serve jury duty. Although a basic policy may not cover these scenarios, it is possible to purchase a higher level policy if these are issues you might face.

Who You Purchase From

Airline and cruise companies offer insurance policies, but the coverage is limited. A travel insurance carrier will provide more comprehensive coverage, which you independent insurance agent can assist you with. In addition, a travel insurance carrier can provide reimbursement if the cruise company, airline, hotel or resort goes out of business, whereas the policy provided by that business would no longer be valid.

Waivers vs. Insurance

Some travels assume that the cruise or airline company will provide everything they need if a weather situation or mechanical problem impacts the trip. Cruises and airlines often provide waivers if a trip is cut short or canceled. A waiver allows the traveler to book a future vacation.

Money is not reimbursed. It is also important to note that the waiver generally expires within one year, so the time to reschedule the trip is limited. Finally, a waiver will not cover all costs the traveler may face such as an extra night in a hotel or an extra day the dog is boarded. Travel insurance helps cover these situations and provides reimbursement for trip that is canceled or cut short.

When you purchase travel insurance for your next vacation make sure to understand the details of the plan you select. It is important to make sure that the policy you are paying for covers the aspects you require.

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