3 Tips for Getting Affordable SR-22 Insurance

SR-22 car insurance is often necessary for those labeled as high-risk drivers. Because of the added risk, it is quite common for people to pay significantly more for this type of auto insurance than a traditional policy. Nevertheless, if you want to drive, you need it. How can you find ways to reduce the cost of SR-22 insurance so it’s more affordable and still maintains your needs?

#1: Carefully Analyze Your Needs

When choosing car insurance for your family, consider your overall needs carefully. First, if you are the only one in your family requiring SR-22 insurance, ensure only the vehicles you drive have it. This will reduce the cost of other insurance plans in your household. Second, if you do have more than one vehicle, bundle them together with the same insurance provider.

#2: Take a Driver Safety Course

Not all driver safety courses will reduce your auto insurance costs, but some can help. In some states, you may be able to take these courses from a DMV-approved school and reduce or eliminate the need for you to carry this type of coverage (or at least, help reduce your premiums). If you take the course, you may reduce some of the risk insurance companies perceive that you have.

#3: Compare Coverage Often

Depending on why you received this requirement and how long you need to maintain it, it can be helpful to compare policies on a regular basis—with the help of your independent insurance agent, of course. In some time, you may qualify for a lower rate. Getting quotes can help you to see what you are getting, the cost and the length of the plan.

Perhaps most importantly for anyone with an SR-22 requirement is to maintain good driving habits. You may want to refrain from driving as often as possible. You may also want to change habits that may be causing traffic violations. While everyone makes mistakes, this type of mistake can become very expensive over time.

The most affordable SR-22 plans are still going to cost more than traditional auto insurance. Your goal should be to look for an excellent SR-22 insurance plan now with the aim of improving your driving habits to eliminate the need for this type of plan in the long term.

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