3 Common Claims for Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is often thought of as an expense and one that some people do not believe is worthwhile. Like all insurance products, travel insurance offers an opportunity to avoid costly problems should they arrive. And in some cases, these expenses can be very high, costing users thousands of dollars.

If you plan to travel, having adequate insurance can make all of the difference both in case something does happen, as well as in providing you with peace of mind. What can travel insurance help you with? Take a look at the most common coverage and claims.

1: Trip Cancellation

How much money are you investing in this trip? What if, at the last minute, something prevents you from going? You’ve purchased plane tickets, hotels and perhaps even a tour. If you become very ill or a close family member dies, there is a terrorist attack in the area, you are called for jury duty or a hurricane damages the area you are traveling to, this type of insurance kicks in to pay the loss.

2: Medical Emergencies

The second most common situation occurs when a medical emergency happens overseas. In the United States, you should always have access to health insurance to pay for medical bills. However, this is rarely the case for those traveling overseas. This type of medical expense coverage helps you pay for basic emergency care. It generally applies to emergency medical and dental coverage when traveling overseas.

3: Emergency Evacuation

In addition, there may be times when you simply have to leave the country you are traveling in, often due to a medical emergency. Emergency evacuation coverage, which is typically a part of your travel insurance, helps pay the cost to bring you home, which may include airlifts and medically equipped flights home.

In addition to this, other types of common coverage include baggage coverage, baggage delay coverage and phone assistance throughout the world. Without this type of insurance, you could face a sizable fee to get home and to get your needs taken care of in an emergency situation. Do not overlook the value of investing in this type of insurance before you leave for your next trip.

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